European Road Transport
& Emissions Trends Report

For a sustainable future
in road transport

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The most complete & insightful report
on European transport emissions

  • Based on the largest collection of official transport data
  • Carefully calculated vehicle and emissions predictions to 2050
  • With quotable summaries in understandable language
  • Authored by acknowledged leaders in the field
  • In depth analysis and smart data presentation
  • Detailed appendix explaining methodology and tools

This report offers definitive insight into the state of the European road transport sector and its resulting emissions, both in the past, present, but also reliable projections up to 2050. It is non-technical, yet thorough and comprehensive enough so that interested parties such as legislators, politicians, NGOs and manufacturers will be equipped to take action in their sectors to achieve a more sustainable transport future.

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  • Cover
  • Key takeaways
  • 1st section of intro
  • Env. performance of vehicles
  • New registrations
  • Energy consumption summary
  • Emissions levels
  • Sales projections
  • Type projections
  • Appendix tools
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